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Nothing Greater

Hours upon hours of time wasted in malls.

Minutes upon minutes used up on phone calls.

And when that happens, friends must check in,

Asking questions around the incinerator

To see if there's anything left to treasure.

I adore her sweet heart,

But alas, I am not big on gifts.

My lifestyle is minimalistic.

Watches, clothes, rings, tickets, and games mean little.

If I wanted gifts, I would’ve asked God for them,

But the only thing I asked Him for was her,

Yet she constantly tries to replace herself.

If she would have only realized

That being able to lie next to her is more than enough,

She would end the scavenger hunt

And come rest next to me

So that I can marvel at my greatest gift-

The gift to dull all other gifts.

She could gaze into my eyes for days

And I would cherish it like a boy with a new Christmas toy.

She is my queen.

She is my bride.

As long as I have her, all other gifts are just alright.

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