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The Edge of Judgment Snippet II


MONTAGE. Thousands of people gather around the grand mosque, bowing and praying. Above the city floats an angel looking down on them. In the city, people take pictures of the angel. Some shout at the angel. Some bow to the angel. Some riot in the streets despite the police trying to keep them in order. The police have a section in the city cut off because the angel is directly above.

The angel changes its gaze from the Grand Mosque to the edge of the city. Its massive wings flap just once and a powerful gust of wind blows the dust away from the street below. Many people fall over and scream. All are startled as the flap sounded like a tidal wave crashing down. The angel looks up and flaps its wings once more, causing the same sounds and chaos below. The wheel beside it follows. The angel thrusts itself high in the air.

A Saudi jet zooms by the angel, but it does not move. Its eyes don’t follow the jet. Other jets are coming towards it.

The angel extends one of its hands above the wheel. The angel exerts a little bit of force upon the wheel and a loud roar of thunder sounds.

Two jets fire missiles at the angel. The intersecting wheels disconnect, glow, and grow. They begin to spin in circles as one wheel protects the angel and the other wheel stretches beneath its feet. The missiles fly into the holes of the wheel protecting the angel. The missiles disintegrate into dust. The wheels continue to grow in size and spin so fast that they simply look like rings. The jets fly by, barely avoiding the wheels.

The people below begin to panic and run in the streets. Some shout, “Run!” as they grab their children and flee.

The wheel protecting the angel begins to spin above its head. The angel merely watches. The rings continue to grow in size and speed as they stretch as far as the city is wide. The lower ring slams and cuts down into the dirt of the outskirts of the city, creating a wall of clouds, dust, and debris. The upper ring stretches as high as the planes can go.

The torrent created by the rings begin to lift up lighter objects and people into the sky. People scream as they lose their footing. (Show view from far outside the rings to where you can barely hear the rings spinning)

The rings come to a stop, and people and objects fall out of the sky. Once all the debris has fallen, people hurry to leave the city. The lower ring is far too deep into the ground to dig under it and far too high for anyone to climb over it. People try to leave in their airplanes shouting “Hurry, hurry, hurry!” as the planes move to take off.

Suddenly, there is a loud roar of a trumpet. Everyone covers their ears. Then, the horn stops blowing.

(From a view far outside the city) When the horn stops blowing, a blinding white light explodes in the atmosphere. It vaporizes everything inside of the rings from the upper ring to the lower ring. The ground shakes like a bomb just went off. Dust fires out in all directions with the shockwave. (After the shockwave passes, there is no Mecca left. The city and people are gone. All that is left is a giant, perfectly cylindrical hole in the crisped ground. Some hills collapse over from losing so much soil in an instant).


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