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This Secret of Mine

Desiring the dreams in your heart to manifest,

Escape with me to the Promised Land.

Set us towards achieving all we hoped for,

Ignite the passion in my heart to love,

Represent the Butane to my dying fire.

Elope with me, my sweet roaring flame.

Elope with me, food for my soul.

Awaken the spirit inside me,

Light the skies with His truth,

Essence of my life.

X out the flesh keeping me bound.

Answer the thoughts of temptation.

Never shall I let you go.

Deem me holy in His sight.

Romance me, my love.

I dream of the day we will be together

As the fish dreams of the ocean whilst in air.

Cuddle me like the clothes I wear,

Openly embrace me with your loving arms,

Pleasure me with sweet words,

Everlasting love is what I’ve learned from you.

Lily in the valley;

Azalea of the mountains.

Nature submits to the will of God,

Deeming me your knight in shining armor.


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