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I know you want to know. Where does the hashtag #BeTheWave come from? It’s pretty simple. Around the time that Marvel’s “Black Panther” was coming out, a lot of Black American artists were gaining notoriety for their work (finally!). We even started to see the Asian community evolving in the film industry with Warner Bros.’ “Crazy Rich Asians”.

The thing about seeing so many people come into their moments is both encouraging and humbling. I’ve felt for a very long time now that I can write on the same level as many of the writers today. However, in those moments, I was still at home, writing, perfecting, and waiting for my turn. With so many movements happening, it started to feel like a wave.

This wave was going to be the breakout party for many writers, directors, actresses, and actors alike. We would begin to see a cultural shift in Hollywood that has been desperately needed since the Civil Rights movement ended. Netflix and Disney seemed to be at the forefront. It was amazing to see.

The humbling part about all this is that my name wasn’t going to be called during this wave of change. I was going to continue writing unbeknownst to any of the big studios, and by the time my name gained any traction, I figured the wave would’ve been over, and I would’ve missed out, causing me to miss on a lot of opportunities because of my perfectionism.

As with all things, I went to Jesus in prayer. I didn’t like feeling left out of a wave, even though I never had the courage to ride. I felt like I was being left behind. My career choice started to feel like an “oh well” rather than an “oh yeah”.

It was here that the Lord told me something rather amazing. He said, “Who was trying to free the Jews in Egypt before I sent Moses? Who was trying to save Nineveh before I sent Jonah? Who was searching for a new king before I ordained David? Was there ever a Messiah before Me? The wave is not always orchestrated by human hands. In fact, it never is. I am the One who positions man and woman where they are. It is not so much about catching the wave as it is about being the wave.”

It was here that I decided I wouldn’t try to fit in just to be a part in whatever culture was prevalent at the time. What I write doesn’t fit into the typical molds. What I hope to have people read and watch aren’t the same old stories replayed with simple twists. I wanted to be different and I am. I have to stick to that and own it when it’s my turn. Because when my turn comes, there will be a new wave that’ll open up doors for many other writers, directors, actors, and actresses. It won’t be a cog in someone else’s machine. It will be God’s hand pushing me through to the next level. Ergo, #BeTheWave.


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