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Upcoming Projects

Art that is expected to be on the shelves, in the bookstore, or on screen in the nearest future are below. Click the link to get a taste of what's to come...


Where God Is

The first short story anthology ever constructed. Most of the book was created for this website! Feel free to head on over to the previews and see just what I meant when I asked, "Where is God?"

Married a Virgin

Married a Virgin (Novel)

A young, black man in the city of Houston finds himself struggling to maintain his virginity in a world filled with lust. Tired of the fight, he tests his faith in God and asks Him, “God, who is my wife?” Little did he know, God would answer…

Married a Virgin (Movie)

Years after having met Alyssa for the first time, Ramiro finds himself single again, and wondering what happened to his love life. As he stands on the verge of becoming a published screenwriter, Ramiro must ask himself: do you believe God was right about Alyssa, or do you

A Warrior's Legacy (Novels)

A Warrior’s Legacy: The Beginning
Keenen has spent his entire life following in the steps of his father, General Lee. He joins the Sarullian Army with the intention of becoming the next General. However, as his journey begins, he discovers his father isn’t who he said he was, and the General of the invading army is more to him than just a well-known General. There are many mysteries to solve as the war begins…

This Secret of Mine (Poetry)

A young man searching for love writes his fantasies and realities down on paper. Can you guess what the secret is?

Everyone thought it’d be another normal day. No one expected to wake up finding themselves in the presence of angels. Angels that would soar above all cities across the world. Why are they here? How will the world respond when God’s wrath moves?

The Edge of Judgment (Movie)

When You See Her (Movie)

Tavaris thought he could cheat and get away with it like most men. Imagine his surprise when a disgruntled Cupid takes matters into his own hands and hits Tavaris with not just a love dart, but a dart that causes every woman Tavaris sees to look like his girlfriend, Ashley. How will he be able to not get caught and still see the uniqueness of Ashley in the process.

Everlasting Love or Nothin (Poetry)

Can love really be an ultimatum? A young man struggles with saying goodbye and hoping for more from a love who could've been it all...

What can a man ask of God? Find out, as this young man journeys from idea to reality in a back and forth dialogue with God over his life.

God of Demons (Poetry)

Recondite (Film)

"Lord, help me see my enemies," seemed like a good prayer at the time of so much deceit. But when God revealed Landon's enemies were demons lying in wait for him, his perspective on his existence changed completely.

Speaking Out (Poetry)

The opinions of a black male Christian are not easily received. Yet, a young man asks you to take on the role of being an ear to listen. Can you handle it? He won't hold back...

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