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Recondite Snippet I


A thunderstorm crosses through the city. Landon sits on his couch with his Bible open in his lap. Thunder jolts him. He looks around the room. He sees nothing but the shadows from the outside light. He sighs and stands up. He lays his Bible to the side. (Camera focuses on the Bible as Landon walks away).

He walks to his refrigerator and grabs some water behind a few bottles of chilled liquor. He opens the water bottle and chugs it. He then hears a sound from the roof. He stops drinking and listens. He hears another sound from the TV. He looks over to the gaming system.



Landon has a flashback about the fuzzy demon from scene 11 that was calling to him from his TV and gaming system.



Landon walks over to the gaming system, unplugs it, and picks it up. He studies the gaming system. He brings the game over to his trash can. He opens the lid on the trash can and holds the system above the bin. Another thud comes from the roof. Landon looks up in confusion. He sets the system down on the counter.

A dog outside in the driveway begins to bark aggressively towards his house. Landon listens, unsure of what he's hearing. He walks to the front door and listens. He looks through the peep hole and sees the dog barking at the door in the rain. Landon stares at the dog, confused. Then, the cloaked, scythe-wielding demon (from scene 23) turns the corner (coupled with loud, startling music) and stares at Landon (coupled with ominous thunder).


What the-… (Composes himself) I told you and your friends not to come over here. Don't make me call the name!

The demon stares at him, unmoved. Landon stares, disbelieving of the fact that his threat went unheard. Five more dogs come up next to the first dog, and begin barking aggressively with it. Landon watches.

A moment passes and the dogs charge through the demon towards the door, barking aggressively. Landon falls to the ground in fear and slides back from the door. The dogs bang on the door several times, scratching and trying to push the door open. A loud crash of thunder sounds and the dogs yelp loudly. Then, only the rain can be heard.

Landon recovers to his feet. He hurries to the kitchen and draws his cake knife and steak knife. He goes back to the door and looks out of the peep hole. He sees the first dog limping away, and only that. He sighs.

His phone vibrates in his pocket. He jumps up and drops the knife. Then, he moves his feet to avoid it dropping on him.


Ah, shoot.

He pulls out his phone. He sees Chelsea is calling him. He ignores the call and puts the phone back in his pocket. He goes into the kitchen and puts the knives back in their places. He then goes to the couch, grabs his Bible, and then goes to his bedroom.

He keeps the Bible clutched to his chest as he enters the room. He goes to his window, looks through the blinds, and sees demon perched on the fences of his neighbors' houses. None of the demons touch any of the fences connected to his yard. They are all perched just outside his yard. Some are perched on roofs (Vulture demons).

(Vulture demons are bloody birds with golden eyes. Their wings are clouds of smoke, their beaks like razor blades, and their talons sharp as army knives)

He closes the blinds. He walks over to his light switch and turns the lights on. He sighs in relief. A lightning strikes and the power goes out. He sighs in frustration. He rises from his seat. His phone vibrates. He takes the phone out. Chelsea sent him a message that reads: Hey, sorry to bother you. I was wondering if it was storming over by you. It's pretty bad by me.




He responds. The lights come back on. He looks at the light and smiles. Then, another thud is heard above him, followed by what sounds like several people walking atop his roof in boots.



Leave me alone! You hear me! Leave me and my house alone! I cast you out in the name of Jesus!

He plays Fred Hammond “Dwell" (or another gospel song). He turns off the light, snuggles underneath his blanket, and tries to go to sleep.


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