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Immense does not define His size.

Minuscule does not define His smallest creation.

Distance cannot measure His reach.

Scales do not calculate His weight.

Time does not determine His age.

Paintings cannot depict His beauty.

Suns do not outshine Him.

Black holes cannot hide Him.

He is God.

God is inclusive.

Everything His mind created is a part of Him.

From Sirius to Hydrogen,

Murder to salvation,

Angel to demon.

All exist because of Him.

He is an anomaly,

Having no birthdate or time of death, yet He lived.

No limits, yet He did not leave us behind.

No goals, yet He has finished more than we can number.

He knows everything but is not bored with ignorance,

Forgives beyond all known capacities,

Exacts vengeance without excess,

Loves unconditionally.

He is the Creator,

The spirit covering the waters,

He who walked with Adam and Eve,

The angel that commands,

The animal that warns.

He is the voice to ears that will listen,

The covenant to the Jews,

A cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

He is the plagues that caused Egypt to mourn.

He is the joy of Israel; Savior to the Gentiles.

He is the mighty earthquake and the gentle stream,

The exploding star and the first breath of a child waking,

Earth’s rotation, and the continued four seasons.

He is the Bible, the Word of God.

He is Jesus, the Son of God.

He is still God.

He is holy.

He is just.

He is everything your eyes behold.

Communion is His highest enjoyment.

For the molecules commune together to create life,

Life communes together to make species,

Species commune to make ecosystems,

Ecosystems become continents,

Continents become worlds,

Worlds become celestial spheres,

Celestial spheres become galaxies,

Galaxies become universes,

Universes become dimensions,

And all give glory to One Being.

For without Him, there is no life,

Only attesting to existence’s need for Him to exist.

His name is Yahweh,

King of the Jews,

King of Kings,

Lord of Lords,

Lion of Judah,

Lamb of God,

Alpha and Omega.

God of all things good and evil.

God of heavenly angels.

God of demons.


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