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You know…

All my life I’ve never used, nor do I remember, Calculus

Yet, taxes are yearly

And they change, yearly

Which course do you think I was forced to take in school?


You used to be able to buy a car for 18-grand

A 4-bedroom home for 130-grand

Gas was $1.79 a gallon

And now…

You can still find a job only willing to pay you $7.25

What they paid when I was an adolescent

Twenty years ago…

This – abyss – is rigged…


I’ll say it again, this pit, is rigged


As a kid, you are bombarded with advertising

Fostering a hunger within you

At the age of two, you were given tablets

Disguised as babysitters

When they were really instructors

Teaching your children to desire more than the spoiled life

No, they must be rotten like apples fallen from the tree

How would you ruin a family?

Plant worms within the yard

Reel them in like fish

After all, you can teach a man to fish

And he’ll eat for a lifetime

But if you make him the bait,

Then you can fish for generations

Slice them up and make apple-cinnamon

Sweet desserts for the money and power hungry

Listen, we have become food for bait!

Identities so buried in digestion

That our origin is now foreign to us

We used to be planted to become trees

But all we seem to be is feces in the sea

At least when slavery existed, it was forced

Now, it is choice


Why study discipline when you can buy it with a credit card?

Why learn about real estate when the jail, or the street, can house you for free?

Why acquire money management skills

When a pair of shoes is your next financial entanglement?

Seeds, we are, planted in a generation of brutality

Expected to produce a harvest of desperate poverty

Doing anything to get free, from stealing to drinking

You’re high on drugs and debt


Tie yourself to the pole since you did not learn about polls

And take the lashes owed to you

They whip you on the red line

Overdraft fees, limited borrowing power, credit hits

They put you in the fields

Paycheck to paycheck; second job to third job

They enslave your kids

Inherited debt, bankruptcy, poor education

They abuse your wives

Unequal pay; unequal opportunity

They slaughter your babies

Low birth rates, abortion, high unemployment

The only space allowed to you is for you to fix the things that make them money

And that is not limited to your own body…

What do you think they put in your food?


Why teach you self-reliance

When self-reliance is a threat to their services?

The fried chicken is served next to the gym

Because if they can convince you that your workout earned a good meal

Then they can also convince you that a good meal deserves a good workout

They won’t teach you to how to be good stewards of your body

Nor will they teach you how to make good, healthy meals for free

Education costs

It’s all we’ve been told

And that is why American humanity is at its current state

They say health and education are privileges rather than rights

Because they can’t take advantage of you if you’re healthy, strong, and smart

Now, you’re paying for workouts and wings because you couldn’t resist

Consumerism confined and co-founded by capitalism

All because an apple fell from a tree in a sea of worms


Make them know fish exist and train them to need it

So that their souls can be sold in return

Is it the 1700s?

Because the system is funded by slaves again

You want fish

But were never taught to handle a fishing pole

So you pay for the fish, the fisherman,

The truck, the road, the market, and the car to drive to the market

And taxes

Making you the slave that funds the system

Have we become complacent?

Or maybe… we live under constant threat?


Dare to make your own garden

Here comes the government

Feed the system or we’ll bury you

Call it taxation

This isn’t some trivial threat

They will end you

And if you make it a war…

Just know that the builder of bombs is backed by billions

… Of your dollars

You’ve already funded your demise

So be wise… play along, or rather, pay… along


Be the good little gear churning this engine

Because you are definitely never going to be a steering wheel

Let alone a driver

You are a coddled cog and they have you right where they want you

It’s rigged


Let me say this again… it’s all rigged


For who?

The families who are willing to use your families as slaves

For who?

The greedy who will take everything the givers give

For who?

The wicked who do not know God is coming to reap His own harvest


Do not envy the rich

They reap from a tainted harvest

They consume evil like fruit while their bodies suffer poison

Remember, we only know the beggar named Lazarus

Who was welcomed into the bosom of Abraham

We do not know the rich man who was burning

Trading his short life for an eternity of misery

Begging Lazarus for a drip of water from his finger

Think God is not capable and He will show you He is

This is rigged


You worry about shoes

When He said He will give you wings like eagles

You concern yourselves with fancy cars

When God said you will move mountains

You want the pain to go away

When all God said to do is wait

Soon, very soon, He will wipe all tears away

Trading an eternity for, at best, 115 years is foolery


I have seen the slave freed

I have seen the debts paid

I have witnessed the cog influence the king

I have admired how the gear gained favor!

Do not concern yourselves with man’s system

It still bows to the Kingdom of God


Do not fear poverty,

Fear the hand of God turning against you

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