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A Warrior's Legacy: The Beginning Snippet I

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Lee hits the ground and crawls over to a dead body. Enraged, he unsheathes the dead man’s sword and glares at the Dragoon General. For him, the battle still continues if even one dragoon escapes this territory. He drags the sword with him as he approaches the Dragoon General.

The Dragoon General looks up and sees Lee coming for him. For a second, he is confused, but then, he dusts himself off and walks towards Lee as well. He knows that the battle won’t end unless the very last human is killed. Thus, the two Generals march towards one another.

The Five Dragoons descend from the sky, observing their reactions. With each step, their breath quickens and their walking turns to sprinting. The Dragoon General steps on a dead Sarullian’s head as he quickens his pace. Lee stomps on a dead dragoon’s privates as he lifts his sword for one last duel.

“Your armies are vanquished, yet you fight!?” the silver dragoon asks.

Both soldiers ignore him as they charge one another.

“Fine! If you want to finish your war then be my guest! Finish this bothersome quarrel!” the silver dragoon orders.

“For the king and country!” the Dragoon General yells.

“For Sarull!”

The two soldiers feign their first strikes and instead join together to attack the Five Dragoons. Four of them step back as they both try to kill the silver dragoon. Lee strikes high, the Dragoon General strikes low. Lee kicks for ahis arm and the Dragoon General strikes at his stomach. The two try their best to hit the silver dragoon, but he dodges all of their attacks. He knocks them both onto their backs and pauses.

The Dragoon General rises first and tries again. The silver dragoon strikes him back to the ground. Lee stands with his sword pointed towards the silver dragoon. Those his breathing hurts, his legs shake, and his arms struggle to hold his sword, he stares into the eyes of the silver dragoon with fury.

“Resilient, aren’t you?” the silver Dragoon asks. The Dragoon General rises to his feet. “I admire both of you for your determination. I would hate to have you both killed…” He thinks with his chin in his hand. “How about this… you want this land so much? Take it. But that offer only stands for the victor of this war.”

He looks at the two of them insinuating that they must kill each other. Lee and the Dragoon General look at each other offended.

“We are not your entertainment!” Lee shouts.

“Either you kill him, or we kill you both,” the silver dragoon warns.

The two Generals look at each other again. Sweat and blood drip from various points on their bodies. They nod. They both go to attack the silver dragoon, but just as Lee goes to strike first, the Dragoon General claws him in the back. Lee falls to the ground, grunting in pain.

The Dragoon General looks down at Lee breathing heavily. “Expanded dragoon territory sounds good to me. Don’t you think? Mind as well get something for all this.”

Lee glares at him and manages to utter, “It’s pointless, they’ll only kill you afterwards.”

“This is how it was always meant to be! Us two fighting to the bitter end. And your end IS NOW!”

The Dragoon General tries to strike Lee again. Lee dodges and rolls, but the Dragoon General follows him. After several blocks and counters the Dragoon General manages to get on top of Lee and gets a hold of Lee’s neck. He then lifts Lee off the ground and begins to choke him.

Lee counters by blowing a gust of wind strong enough to push the Dragoon General on his back. The dragoon’s claws scratch his neck as he is freed from his grasp. They both hit the ground. Lee then reaches for his sword so that he can stab him, but the Dragoon General has already recovered.

He lunges at Lee, grabs his foot, and pulls him back from the sword. Before the Dragoon General can stick his claws into Lee, Lee blows another gust of wind into his face, causing him to lean back. In that second, Lee pulls the sword to him. The sword flips through the air and lands right into Lee’s hands. As the Dragoon General leans forward, the sword pierces through his chest, leaving very little room for Lee to maneuver. Lee pushes the sword through to where only the grip is seen before the chest.

The Dragoon General freezes and remains in shock long enough for Lee to stand to his feet and pull his sword out. Lee plants his boot on his chest and pulls the sword out cleanly by pushing his boot down. The Dragoon General falls on his back staring at Lee. Lee walks over to the Dragoon General and raises his sword with both hands. The Dragoon General tries to breathe, but coughs out blood. Lee then stabs the Dragoon General in his neck and slides it through to kill him. Lee turns to the Five Dragoons and drops his sword.

The silver dragoon smirks and walks over to Lee. “Marvelous,” he says, “But I’m afraid we can’t let you leave here alive.” He steps back from Lee. “I’ll at least grace you with our names. I’m Cyclone.” He points to the red dragoon, “This is Inferno.” He points to the yellow dragoon. “Storm.” He points to the blue dragoon. “Tsunami.” Finally, he points to the black dragoon. “And this is Omni.”

“I’m Lee, General of the Sarullian Army,” Lee replies, “We have fought for this land for many years and I must say I never knew you five lived here.”

“We preferred to stay hidden, we are not as everyone else,” Cyclone admits. “But your war has ravaged the land enough, and now it has even destroyed our home.”

“I will not go down easy,” he says picking his sword back up. “Though this may be your land, I have fought for it as if it was my own,” Lee says. “I was born here. The soil itself gave life to me, and thousands of others. I will not let you have it. I will not surrender!”

“Don’t worry. We won’t let you suffer much longer,” Cyclone says as he steps into his fighting stance.


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