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Everywhere I go,

They say flex but don't fold,

Bend but don't break,

Lest you want your frailties to show.

But I asked You to do the same.

Bend me to Your will

Only so that I could obey,

But at the slightest pressure, I was broken.

You hadn't even leaned heavily into me,

Yet I snapped like a twig in the hands of a giant.

Shattered vertebrae lying in pieces on the floor.

With the last of my energy I cried out,

So You mended me.

Lord, how powerful You are,

That You can break and build men so easily.

I bleed, sweat, and cry to make a scratch,

And yet one breath from You levels fortresses and nations.

I seek that power without knowing what it takes to bear it,

So You break and build me over and over again,

Adding rock and stone to the twig of a man that I am.

A grueling process I cannot stand,

But for the hopes of being like Your Son, I try.

Being broken to the point of death,

Wanting to end it all.

Then You, whisper, "It's okay."

And stand atop my broken ego,

Making me stronger than the day before.

Making me humble…

How frail of a man I am,

Broken constantly before the God of man.


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