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Dark Thoughts

What is the point of having faith in humanity?

The wisest king Solomon said we are eternally the same,

And I am inclined to believe him because what’s different?

The tools, the date, the clutter?

We are all fools better equipped to be foolish,

But I am not supposed to call people fools.

Help me understand.

You say I should trust facts and science

Like people didn’t used to believe the earth was flat.

You want me to believe that those who won’t live 100 years

Can tell me how old a planet is,

And tell me how societies operated 200 years ago

As if they’ve been here the whole time.

I should believe in creatures that claim Jesus

But also claim that they are “spiritual” and not Christian.

I should put hope into a generation

That has killed more babies of the next generation

Than pharaoh or Hitler did of the Jews.

Do you really believe in humanity,

Or is the lack of faith too morbid an existence for you to walk in?

We say we want the truth,

But allow politicians to boldly lie to our face.

We say we want justice,

But forget about cases because they aren’t televised.

We want freedom from judgment,

Yet soon as someone does a thing we abhor, we judge them.

Then, we send them to a broken judicial system

And watch in vain as the judge clears them of charges.

The judicial system is broken because humans are involved.

The more and more I grow, the more and more I understand:

“The Lord saw that the wickedness of mankind was great...

Every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts

Was only evil continually.”

We condemn shooting up schools,

And yet there is another school shooting.

We condemn rapists,

And yet a person is being raped as I write.

We condemn politicians for lying,

And then go lie to our children about Santa Claus.

We condemn murder,

But praise our troops for murdering others

Under the guise of freedom and prevention.

Explain to me why humanity is so great.

Why are we an experience worth preserving?

We hope for love, but despise marriage.

We pray for peace, but party and work in chaos.

We wish for rest, but hustle for unneeded possessions

To compete with those who don’t even know we exist.

We’d die for joy, but only focus on sorrows.

We are hypocrites through and through.

We set out to make history

Like this new generation hasn’t already forgotten Michael Jackson,

Or as if we haven’t already misinterpreted Martin Luther King Junior.

We hope to do more good than bad

As if doing evil a single time isn’t punishable by death.

Greed has not ceased,

Pride is alive,

Selfishness still thrives,

Hate is brewed continually,

And stupidity abounds.

Our children set themselves on fire

Because they watched others do it online.

People voted a man into office simply because he was part black.

We continually fund remakes of old ideas.

Phones, films, and games make millions for minor adjustments.

We’d do anything to escape this abysmal view of life.

Drug and sex addicts are praised for lack of self-control.

Priests and pastors still sleep with members of their congregation.

Wars and crimes continue like the sunrise.

Wisdom and knowledge fall on deaf ears.

We’re all looking to be right but we are all dead wrong.

What has changed? Will it ever truly change?

Forgive the cynic, but I have zero faith in us.

My faith is only in Christ Jesus.

Everything we do is a repeat of what was already done,

Like the spin of a disc,

Because we still fail to reach the heart of the matter.

We want to be God but we are not.

Our godliness is a gift of our Heavenly Father.

Yet, we waste it on fleeting pleasures.

We are so debased we can’t even recognize our divinity.

Only God can save us from such wretchedness.

Now listen in silence, as the door shuts,

And you are casted away from this dark place...

...Enjoy the light...


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