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I'm Gone Cry

When she tells me she loves me for the first time,

I will cry.

When she falls asleep in my arms and never lets me leave,

I’ll cry.

When she reveals the deepest portion of her heart to me,

I’ll cry.

Every first she attaches her name to,

I will cry.

To put it simply: I’m gone cry.

Laugh if you must, or demean my masculinity.

Still, these tears will fall.

But not because of the moment,

But the sum of all moments.

I’ve waited for this since I was a boy.

Dreamt of all the days I’d live in love,

Despite what love did to my mother and father.

I did not have many examples of what love looked like,

But one example I did see, spoke to me.

I saw God chasing His bride to be.

Despite all the things she did

And all the things she said,

God pursued her like a languished lover;

Gave all of Himself in preparation for her.

That’s love.

Unconditional in the truest form.

His never-ending desire for the Church

Fueled me as I went about daydreaming.

Now, after twenty years of keeping dreams in my heart,

The very second a woman embodies them,

I’ll cry.

Tears of joy,

Because I’ve waited so long and have been so faithful;

Tears of sadness,

Because I know I am not worthy of this love,

Having been a bride myself.

Yet, for His sake, I will play the role of husband

To a woman who gives me butterflies and goosebumps.

How can a dream become reality?

How I wish I could explain,

But I am just a man,

Enjoying what was prayerfully gained.


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