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I Won't Cheer as You Burn

My Brother,

All my life, I’ve been taught to hate you. You were the reason the serpent tempted Eve, the reason man fell into the clutches of death, the explanation for why a third of the angels were casted out of heaven, and the one who will prevent most of my fellow humans from making it to heaven. Since I’ve come out of the womb, it seems like you’ve made it your life’s goal to hate me, accuse me, lie to me, punish me, cause me to stumble, and be jealous of me. All my life, I’ve been taught to hate you. Today, though… I choose to accept the reality.

Serpent, Satan, Devil, Dragon, Sorcerer, Prince of Liars, Father of the Wicked, murderer, or Lucifer, whatever your name is, I’m done hating you. Why hate someone who will die soon? Why hate someone once loved by God? Your inevitable toss into the Lake of Fire is not a celebration. The death of death, sin, and the grave will not just be cause for cheer. In my mind, there will also be sadness that day.

Sadness will come because it will be the final day you choose not to repent. It will be the last time you choose to hate the loving Father who gave you life. It will be the day that your attempt to replace your heavenly Father finally fails, and you’ll be gone from your brothers and sisters forever. No one will pity you, because you deserved it. However, I can’t imagine how hurt God might feel to close that chapter.

You’ve spent the majority of your time out of heaven antagonizing every little thing that comes from it. How sad a life to live. For all your delightful deceptions, accentuated accusations, and potent powers, you will still fail. For all your hopes of being as glorious as the Almighty God, you will shine as bright as light in the depths of the ocean. Let us not forget that the Lake of Fire is a lake, and not an ocean. Your impact on this earth will be insignificant, and all the people who follow you will hate you for deceiving them. You will be a tale older than the Bible and somehow less impactful than all those false gods you convinced us to create.

Why couldn’t you just be the brilliant angel? Why did you have to be a god? Why couldn’t you be the light God wanted you to be? Why did you have to embody darkness? Why couldn’t you just be the protective big brother? Why did you have to seek to harm us? What did we ever do to you? We came in this world blessed, like you, and you’ve hated us for it from the beginning. You hated us for existing as God intended!

God… intended… for you to be as He was. He never wanted you to deceive all of your fellow angels into hell. He never wanted to seal you away in a pit. He didn’t want to face you in battle. Your loss was set in stone before your mind finished concocting the first rebellion. Yet, you persisted, and now too much of humanity’s eternity is at risk! It wasn’t enough for you to hurt your fellow angels, but you had to add us to your pain too! How sadistic! How sad.

You’ll probably gloat as you burn. You’ll be smug, thinking you’ve done something in the time given you, and it’ll just be sad. It’s taking you thousands of years to learn what a portion of humanity has learned under one hundred years. God’s wrath will consume you completely, and all your efforts will have won you is destruction. Why do you insist on making the Father cry? You call it a victory to sadden the heart of your Father, the embodiment of love. You will say you won because darkness, death, and sin captured and suffocated the life out of so many angels and humans. You will become so unrecognizably distant from your former self who once loved God.

I have a feeling He’ll shed tears that day. He’ll be happy for all of us who were saved, but there will be loss. Too many have strayed from the narrow, righteous path. Scores chose the permanent death. Armies have gathered to resist God. You gather for war when God has already told you it will be a just execution. I will not have to lift a finger to watch Him end you and all the people who joined you.

I can imagine the flames scattering across the plains as you, and all who are foolish enough to follow you, are licked up like sauce on a plate. You will shout your obscenities, make your foul gestures, and scream your violence just to be swallowed by the breath of God. You know this, and yet you continue towards it anyway.

Are you mad? Has all this time from heaven decayed your mental state? You face a losing battle, hoping to win, and you won’t win. You’ll just die. Is that it? Do you hope to strike such a blow to God by being the one being He has to rid existence of? Are you taking pleasure in being a target? How insane!

You revel in the upsetting disobedience to God. That makes you smile? Being the weaker opposite of God will satisfy you? That is what will bring you the ultimate high? You even have some people thinking hell will be a party and not heaven. All this talent to persuade wasted on souls being lost rather than saved.

Your last day free of eternal pain will be neither sad nor joyous. It’ll just be business as usual. God will win, God will heal, and God will continue to love us. You will be burning in the lake while we will be enjoying a newfound freedom so unfathomably filled with peace that all the sin you introduced us to will be like that one meal we ate and never cared for. We never liked or disliked it. It was just bland. I can’t remember the last bland meal, but I can remember the best gumbo.

I don’t understand why you’d want to be that. I don’t understand what God did that made you start hating Him so much. He has only been good to me. Yes, things have been allowed to happen to me. Yes, there were days that were filled with trouble. Yes, there have been times I’ve felt that God restricted me far too much. However, every single day, I’ve only gotten stronger, wiser, more peaceful, more content, more hopeful, and more loving. I have only increased in my walk with Him. I’ve never decreased. I wonder why you did.

You know… Sometimes, I wish you didn’t have to burn. I wish the forgiveness and mercy of God was extended to every single one of you, and that it will be so great an offer, you won’t abandon it like you abandoned us. I sometimes pray and hope that this nightmare you’ve orchestrated can still end in reconciliation.

I’ve reconciled with people who have hurt me. I’ve refreshed dead relationships. I’ve had mercy shown to me and have had the opportunity to walk in mercy for others. Instead of hating you, I’d rather do that. I’d rather hope you wake up from this determined path of destruction and choose the peaceful redemption. You know which one is better for all of us. You’ve lived in heavenly places. Surely, you’ve learned which life is better.

I pray people stop being manipulative like you. I pray they stop being abusive like you. I pray people stop using each other as sex tools like you. I pray we stop being like you, and more like God. I pray that we heal, we learn, and we love. I pray we rid ourselves of the idea that “since it was done to me, I will do it to you” mentality. I pray we care for and are considerate of those who will come after us. I pray we protect one another rather than be at odds.

Most people wouldn’t be willing to call you out on your foolishness. Most people wouldn’t even be brave enough to speak to you. Most people wouldn’t wish redemption on you. But to not wish redemption for you seems unfair, since God is redeeming me every day. It really is an automatic victory trusting that God did what He did through His son, Jesus Christ. Even on my worst day, I can shout, “I belong to God and He loves me,” and it’ll be true and a victorious declaration.

Do us all a favor. Tell everyone you lied. Tell them the money, fame, materials, and power are all a waste if not used for the glory of God. Tell them that sin is not freedom, but bondage. Tell them God is real! Tell them you were wrong for antagonizing everyone and everything birthed from His mighty breath! Please!

Do it before the next person who enters sin, does so for the final time. Do it for the people who are out here lost in their misery without hope. Do it for the people who are fooling themselves with their wayward beliefs in the lies you told them. Do it because somewhere deep down inside you, there is the angel God created to love and be loved. Do it because you know what happens if they don’t find Jesus.

His word was already spoken, “…wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God… Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexuals, sodomites, those who use and abuse each other, use and abuse sex, use and abuse the earth, thieves, the greedy, coveters, drunkards, revilers, swindlers, executioners, extortioners – none of these will inherit the kingdom of God.” You are at fault for creating a lot of them. Did you not convince the serpent to convince Eve? Don’t be petty and leave my people in darkness and confusion. Don’t do that to your family. Repent so that others may follow in your example. At least then, when you burn, there will be less of us with you, and maybe God will relent once more and not make that fiery bed your eternal home. Why give up on you when there’s no reason to?

May the good Lord see that I wish no harm to you. May the good Father know I wanted us to be in eternity with Him forever as a family. May all who read this letter know that I, albeit foolishly, wished for reconciliation and redemption for all, even the ones who started this. May those readers all know that God is better than every other form of happiness they’ve acquired so far. May they also know that salvation, healing, reconciliation, and redemption can still be obtained for them, and that anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Though satan is destined to burn, you do not have to. You can still be free from sin, death, and the grave. Rise again. I love you all. I care for you all. I pray for you all.

Your brother,

Dario Augustus


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