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Resurrection Power

All rise in respect to the Risen King!

For His glory demands it!

Just like He demanded Satan hand Him the key

To the very gate that opens the pit

We celebrate the acts of a Man who came to earth with a plan

Yet we allow our fantasies to rest in peace

Like the cross didn't speak

A message profound to the spiritually hungry

A message that said that which you thought was dead

Now has the chance to be resurrected

That broken dream is still something that has yet to be

Who told you it was a rotten thing?

When did sickness become stronger than God?

Why does sin sound familiar, and His voice odd?

When did God plant desires you couldn't achieve!?

What kind of power you got!?

Even the wicked excel at wicked things!

Yet you cower about in your busyness and pride

Hiding in your shame, hoping time will make it die

But God cries in thunder and lightning "Come alive!"

Look at the cross...

Is He still hanging, arms wide?

Again, what kind of power you got?

Because Satan wants that power to be forgotten

Speak to that desert rock

And demand water flow from it like a river.

Now the angel Herman Boone asks you again,

"Will. You. Ever. Quit?"

And you better respond like Jesus is your friend

"No! We want some mo'. We want some mo'. We want some mo'"

More blessings, more strength, more wisdom, more goals

More hurdles, more Him, more Kingdom, more boldness

We live in a world that's determined to be tarnished

And yet hope arises like a bride to a helpless romantic

Take back the things in the trash heap

God is pleading, "Give My dreams back to Me."

And I declare, it is time for victory...

I look at my God...

And I look at my problems...

And all I can say is...

"We want some mo, we want some mo, we want some mo"

What is pain but a prelude to gain

What is death but a prelude to resurrection?

My God resurrected

I believe in what He did

I see these chains of mine that He shed

The greatness in me isn't an ideal in my head

I am too strong to be strung along

No more worthless excuses

When I hold them up to God, they are useless

Tiny specks of dust before the mountain

I am made for more

Quiet all those sins and circumstances

I wish to hear my Savior speak

"Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in Me

Will also do the works that I do;

And greater works than these will he do,

Because I am going to the Father"

Hush Satan, the Savior speaks

To His faithful few, this He has decreed

Now I ask again

What kind of power you got?

Anyone can make excuses

But who out there can move mountains?

Can't you hear the horn of victory sounding?

It's time to come alive!

Don't leave your dreams by the wayside

He hung His head and said it is finished

There is not one circumstance He failed to mention

Take back the key to living life successfully

Lift up your swords and claim your victory



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