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Running Through the States with my Woes

Woe to the parent who teaches without knowing,

Carrying out their wicked ways

Believing their child will not follow them.

Woe to the politician who sacrifices freedoms for popularity,

Inventing laws to appease the spoiled voters,

Allowing the system to collapse, and rebellions to ensue.

Woe to the powerful who think people are just tools,

Numbers to be added and subtracted.

Never experiencing the fullness of seeing another soul grow.

Woe to the humanitarians that will never realize how weak humanity is.

Thinking our first instinct is to better ourselves as a species

Rather than to better oneself at the cost of others.

Woe to the pluralists who stand for nothing and fall for everything,

Trying to appease all backgrounds

While their gods go to war with each other.

Woe to the moralist who takes more pride in his successes

Than he will in the God that gave him the grace to maintain such laws.

An educated fool stealing the glory of someone else.

Woe to the hedonist who takes in good and evil

And thinks he is blessed for poisoning his spirit in his self-indulgence.

Woe to the materialist who hoards many possessions,

Only to have a thief, government, or death take them all away.

Woe to the narcissist who spends so much time in the mirror

That he can't even see his own frailties ready to kill him.

Woe to the lover who searches for love in lust,

Jumping from one partner to the next without thinking.

Becoming the harlot they love to denounce.

Woe to the gluttonous whose bodies break down faster,

Despite their switch from regular soda to diet soda

And lack of increase in exercise.

Woe to the dreamer who never wakes from his dream to do anything,

Thus becoming a homicidal maniac that hoarded his victims.

A dreamer and dream killer all the same.

Woe to the overachiever,

Who never realizes their accomplishments were given and not earned.

Woe to those who celebrate the successful overachiever as gods,

Seeing no fault in them,

As if they chose their parents, intelligence, upbringing, or shape.

Woe to him who believes that since they desire it, it is who they are,

As if children always desire the right things.

Woe to them because of their arrogance.

They are almost as bad as the church.

And with that preface, I say:

Woe to the preacher left on earth when his congregation is raptured.

Woe to the Christian who believes in the God of salvation,

Yet blatantly ignores the God of the Lake of Fire

As if they are two different Gods

Rather than two sides of the same coin.

Woe to the faithful who'd rather you sin in their comfort zone

Than sin in an area they couldn't fathom before.

Cheering the male who cheats on his homosexual partner with a female,

As if God appreciates adultery more than homosexuality.

Woe to the Christian who believes they can speak for God,

Declaring things God will not bring to pass.

Woe to him who believes that their guidelines are God's guidelines,

Accepting what God does not

And thinking God will change His mind because of them.

Woe to those who believe healing comes only from a miracle of God,

When God is trying to heal them through the doctor treating them.

Woe to those who love “God’s accepted” and hate those God’s redeeming.

Wearing hateful paraphernalia because the ones for their sins don’t exist.

Woe to the Christian who fails to read the Bible,

Thinking they instinctually know right from wrong.

Limiting the words God already spoke to them,

Hoping that He performs a miracle they heard about from other people

Who've read their Bibles and understand.

Everything you go through already has its solution in the Text.

All these promises we have from God,

And yet we struggle with our own doubt and lack of understanding,

Bringing this piece full circle to myself.

Woe to the spouse who can never get over himself enough

To say hello to the love of his life.

Woe to the single man who does not search God out for work

While he is free from the concerns of a wife.

Woe to the writer who never picks up his pen

To let the world know the passions in his heart.

Woe to him who is so afraid of mistakes,

That he will refuse to speak the truth they desperately need to hear,

Believing that God has other voices in His Kingdom.

Forever leaving the world without a voice

That needed to be heard.


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