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She'll Never Know

We converse over systems and universes,

Political schematics and biblically approved habits.

Yet my mind wonders will she ever know?

The giddiness I feel in my innards

Like scissors snipping away at the fabric

I placed over my heart,

To hide the scars left on my tattered soul.

Scars which dare to be healed

Due to the presence of the divine.

I'm so candid at the thrill in her eyes.

My bride.

My make-believe fantasy that breathes.

My God.

I'm sitting here writing poetry

Like I'm not a man who is manly.

What has gotten into me?

Or better yet,

What needs to get out of me?

I was so full yet now I feel empty.

Perhaps it is the fact that I'm bloated on my own fat,

Having consumed the stubbornness of my ways.

Loaded to the ground by selfishness' cake.

Sweet to the tongue yet foul to the soul.

Even the stomach gurgles from being alone.

Yet she tastes even sweeter than me.

Ask the saliva that runs against my teeth.

I salivate for her heart and soul.

Tempt me with a sip of your skin.

Drunk in love indeed.


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