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Sleeping Beauty

The dust rises during a quarrel between thugs and lovers.

All for the purpose of catching one victim in blasphemy.

To think this is done in the church is most disheartening.

But God stood amongst men, knowing their plot.

He sought to end them… for you.

You: every woman yielding to the desires of filthy men.

You: every man “justified” by consent or urges.

You: those who judge because you have not yet fallen.

This moment was carried out in history because He knew.

He saw us in the future and knew we needed guidance.

How do you stop fornication and adultery?

How do you cease temptation’s ads and innuendos?

We didn’t know then, and we don’t know now,

But let us watch:

God bent low, facing one’s allegations, and wrote.

She was like you, wanting love and a family of her own.

Or like you, who was just tired of being abused and lonely.

Maybe even you, who was tempted by your accuser.

Either way, she was where we all have been.

Where our weakness, even our bodies, are put on display.

And while the ignorant point fingers and judge,

God remains silent

Because He knows the pain you feel.

He knows the embarrassment.

He created you.

If your creation malfunctioned, wouldn’t you be shamed?

Yet, there was no shame in His writing.

There was only hope.

I imagine it was every hope and dream she had.

Every blessing she thought she was too late to birth.

The names of everyone who was impacted by her.

Jesus’s name being the greatest of them all.

He watched her as she dealt with her shame in public.

Never denying her action, but only expecting the worst.

God had to change that.

Sin doesn’t have His permission to drag you to the grave.

I imagine He wrote down even moment He spent with her,

Where she felt God was gone because He was ashamed.

Yet, He proved to her that He was right at her feet.

When her love was rejected by her husband,

Or when she felt guilty for being with a man who beat her.

Maybe when she found out she couldn’t have kids,

Resulting in her husband denouncing her for his offspring.

Maybe when she found her love with a mistress…or mister.

Even when she surrendered and cheated her vows.

Every moment she felt furthest from God is written.

God had not left her.

He was there when she needed Him the most.

This was one of those times.

Where He rose and responded with a most famous line:

“He who is without sin among you,

Let him throw a stone at her first.”

The elders saw all their sins in one instant,

And the youth humbled by their lack of innocence.

No accuser on this earth is worth your attention,

Because the Father gazes down upon you,

Looking to write down your greatest accomplishments.

Numbering them in the hundreds or thousands

So that you know, He was never without you.

He admired how you dealt with sin seeking sanctification.

You dealt with lust and wanted love.

You endured a broken marriage and wanted an eternal one.

Even if it was your fault… you sought redemption.

This is not something He has taken lightly,

As He neither seeks to condemn you, nor allow others to.

He will rid you of them all

So that you can experience love in its greatest form.

The form that takes the shape of God and His church.

He is the light of the world.

All who follow Him receive that light, and escape darkness.

So as you stand in the mirror and see a faulty woman,

Know this,

As God sees no flaws, I see no flaws.

I know the beauty lying dormant in you.

I have seen it awake!

It is a marvelous sight to behold!

And as long as you need that reminder,

I will quote this poem with the utmost pride.

Because I know the woman who stands before me

Is a beauty only living.

Wake up, my dear lady.

I seek your blessed gaze.


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