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The Edge of Judgment Snippet III


John walks the empty streets as quietly as possible with his pistol in hand. He comes up to an abandoned, local delivery truck and listens. A tank is approaching, so he crawls beneath the truck. The tank crosses up ahead and continues down the crossing street. John sighs. He breathes in exhaustion. He lies there.

After a few seconds, he goes to move, but stops when he hears screaming in the distance. He looks around but sees no one. It sounds like there is a fight going on and some are pleading with another.

(Background explanation: There is a family of eight that has agreed, for the most part, to commit suicide together by jumping from a building. As they get ready to jump, most have second-thoughts. But the father doesn’t have second thoughts and won’t let his family go back on their word and suffer their fate at the hand of God. He pulls out a pistol, shoots the mother, and then starts throwing his children over the edge. The children are too weak to stop him so they are all tossed over. When the others see their deranged dad, they go through with it also. The husband then throws his wife’s body over and jumps himself. But scene is shot from John’s view.)

Suddenly, there is a high-pitch scream of intense fear, which grows louder and louder in mere seconds until John feels a thump in the ground nearby.

John freezes, and hesitates to look. There are louder screams up above. A pistol sounds off. Suddenly, another thump in the ground nearby.


(Panicked; Distraught)

God, no. No no no no no no no no no. (Breathes; closes eyes) Don’t look... ahhh, don’t look.

John continues to breath as four more thumps hit the ground. He breathes heavily through his mouth, looking away from the bodies. He then looks to one. He sees a young girl (no older than 12) looking him dead in the eyes with blood seeping from her head and a pool of blood forming around her. John quickly turns his head away. Another scream turns into another thump. Then, there is a thump closer to the building where they must’ve jumped from. Then, there is a loud yell of anguish from a man. There is a pause.

John takes the opportunity to get from underneath the truck and see the murderer, but as soon as he stands to his feet, a final thump hits the ground. John leans against the truck, afraid to walk around it and see the family. He does it anyway.

(Only show legs of children from 3-16. Show body of the mother, father, and the girl no older than 12.) John covers his mouth and hyperventilates. He falls to his knees as he looks at them all. He looks at the girl and sees her looking at him. He walks over to her and gently places a hand on her face.


(Deeply saddened)

God didn’t want this for you... He didn’t want this for you...

The girl starts tearing up and then stares at John’s gun. John takes his gun and puts the barrel against her head.


Jesus will be waiting for you on the other side. You will feel no more pain, suffer no more heartache, and all of your family will be there. If I can leave you with anything... Let it be that.

John goes to pull the trigger but sees the girl’s soul has departed. He pulls the gun back and checks for her pulse. He can’t find one. He closes the girl’s eyes.


Have mercy, God... please.

John hears the chatter of soldiers drawing close. He wipes his eyes and runs away down another street. The soldiers hit the corner and see the family. Their reactions are full of sorrow.


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