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Nobody told me you could die from bliss.

I never saw it coming.

Now I walk with my brother's casket in my grasp,

Bearing the coffin on his body's last day above ground.

Words fail to escape my mouth,

Reminding me of my silence when we went drinking.

Watched my brother kill himself over a 21st celebration.

Alcohol poisoning.

Never again.

Never will I let my fears go silenced.

This pain prepared me for a war.

God ready me for my enemies.

Prepare me for the friends who will betray me.

I will not be silent against the drunken drivers taking lives irresponsibly.

I will not stop calling out the perverts looking to rape people with their drugs.

I will not stand by as another brother takes his life overdosing heroin into his body,

Dying in the quietness of the dark.

It no longer has my permission to hide the skeletons,

As pimps watch little girls for potential slave ownership,

Waiting for her to become so intoxicated

That she can be lured away from her friends

And sold to the highest bidder,

All because people lack self-control,

Letting a few hormones operate the entire brain.

Basic instincts we excuse because we are "animals" or "sexual beings".

You can't claim intellect and still act like cavemen.

Cavemen who beat their women over the head with their maces

And demand she enter his home and serve him.

You are a weakness in humanity's strength.

Adding death into our eyes and ears

As we listen to your tales of tyranny.

I will not allow it to cloak the truth.

God is watching.

Every act, every thought, every ounce of support you give this corrupt system.

The longer the clubs stay open, the more victims we'll have.

The more victims we have, the less likely the strong will survive.

When our strength is sapped, we fall into darkness.

When darkness consumes all, wrath is coming.

Applaud the workers of justice

Bringing down brothels and abusers of innocence.

They are average men and women, but braver with their lives

As they convict the demented players, stop the broken prostitutes, and rescue the needy.

We call them cops, judges, and military men.

Adorned on their heads is the anointing of justice.

God is fixing it

One solved case at a time.

Put the crooks behind bars

So I never have to see a woman lower herself to being a sex toy for a grown man.

Prevent my brothers from destroying themselves in the pursuit of flesh.

Cannibalism is beneath us.

If you think your conquests are trophies,

Watch and see what happens when you are conquered.

You think you're different?

You think eyes aren't watching you?

Soon, the young wishing to take your place will revolt against you,

The women you control will bite you like snakes,

And war will erupt in your life

As rivals target you, cops release their safeties, and soldiers threaten to take all you have.

God is ending it.

Your kingdoms will be soaked in blood,

Your people dragged into the grave,

The liquor stores set ablaze,

The clubs reduced to rubble,

And every victim you created will be set free.

The child you made a sex slave,

The wife you made a punching bag,

The bystander you murdered while driving intoxicated,

The decent being you made an alcoholic or drug addict.

None shall mourn anymore

Because you will be set in chains.

You will face not only the judge of this world but the Judge of this life,

And you will have to recount the night you let the party life command you.

Had you sleeping around like an insane dog,

Driving when you couldn't even see straight,

Taking another shot as your body gagged and brain lagged,

Or had you rape an uninterested vessel.

Everyone who fed that environment will be held accountable for the destruction,

Including me.

I have seen men stumble,

I have seen women vomit,

I have seen both passed out.

I have smelt sex in the air,

I have seen targets set and conquered.

I have listened to the dark tales of the morning after.

I said nothing;

I did nothing.

I only prayed and kept to myself,

But no longer.

I won't feed it.

I won't listen to my cravings.

I will sacrifice as God did for me.

Prepare me for the war, Lord.

Prepare me to speak out... Again.


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