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Will you Believe in Us?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019


Will we practice a tradition,

Or will this Sunday mean something?

Will we practice a religion,

Or will we open up our hearts to relationship?

Your heart is so tied to what you will do outside My presence,

That you forget I am ever-present.

You walk out those doors, I walk out right beside you.

When you go to work, I am right beside you.

When you go to play, I am right beside you.

When you enter into your sin, I... am right beside you.

I will not leave you.

Don’t you see?

You are worth the ultimate sacrifice of Me...

What did you think My life was about?

You think I sacrificed My 30-plus years,

My, 10,950-plus days,

My, 262,800-plus hours,

My, 15,768,000-plus minutes just to watch you walk out on Me?

No, I am invested in you.

If you can’t see your own worth, I will acknowledge it for you.

Every opportunity I was given to sin was turned down, for you.

Every chance I had to destroy all was relented, for you.

Every miracle laid out before mankind to this day… was... for... you...

So what makes you think the evil that you’ve done can stop My love?

I am!

I did not, and will not, do all of this to watch you suffer!

I will drag you to heaven in order to break those chains off of you!

You think I don’t see the injustice?

You think I don’t see the racism, lies, trafficking,

Immortality, violence, rejection, pain, and suffering?

You think I have turned a blind eye to addictions,

Greed, selfishness, hate, bigotry, and persecution?

I told you this was coming.

I forewarned you!

But lo, I am with you always,

From the first day to the last, and beyond.

I am not some holiday.

I am not some statue.

I am not a figurine on a crucifix.

I am not an image depicted in the stained-glass windows of cathedrals.

I am not just a name you shout when you experience pain, shock, or frustration.

I am not a symbol to be used by politicians and false prophets.

I am not a fairy tale made by men’s minds.

I am not some dead king,

I… have risen!

But I will not rise without My children.

No, I will not ascend without you.

My hand is extended to you.

Will you reach for Me, or must I grab you?

I am capable of placing you in heavenly places, but,

Do you want Me to?

It is your choice.

Shall we suffer another year under that stronghold?

Shall we debate another decade because you can’t let go?

Must I stay silent so that your selfish pleasures can reign twenty more years?

I’ll wait.

I’ll keep on waiting.

Judgment Day will come,

And I want to judge you good and perfect and loved and welcomed and wanted,

So I will wait for you.

I died on the cross for you,

I sustain this world for you,

I will make all things new... for you.

This has never been about Me.

This isn’t some extravagant hunt for glory.

I created beings I hoped to one day call family,

Like loving parents when they decide to have a baby.

Grant Me this favor: say your name for Me?

Yes... such a sweet melody.

That’s My baby.

My baby boy, my baby girl.

Though I am ever-present,

You are always on My mind.

Will this be another day you give Me a try,

Or will you finally surrender, and give Us a try?


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