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With You Always

“Jesus said to them,

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,

Baptizing them in the name of the Father

And of the Son

And of the Holy Spirit,

Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.

And behold, I am with you always,

To the end of the age."”

I told you, “Go, and I’ll be with you always...”

The key words there are:

With. You. Always.

There is no condition to My presence in your existence,

Yet you try to convince yourself there’s a difference.

That someway, somehow you can be rid Me.

Do you not see there is no escaping Me!?

I don’t care what it is you may think,

You cannot and will not- ever- leave Me.

I was there when you turned to pornography,

I was there when you had your affair,

I was there, even in the midst of your summer fling,

And I was there when YOU forsook Me.

Always there. Always watching. Always calling for you.

You may have believed I was not there, but I was,

Calling you to come back to Me.

But you kept ducking and dodging,

Running into the arms of your selfishness and greed-

Turning to everything to escape Me and my so-called nagging.

You ran into the arms of the one who would hurt you.

You turned to alcohol and drug abuse,

But it never occurred to you that I’d still be in your space.

You can’t drink or drug Me away.

You can’t outrun Me even on your best day...

I am with you- always...

Do you not get it?

Did it confuse you when you read it?

Say this with Me: “He- is with Me- always.”

I don’t care what you do throughout the day,

You can’t escape Me.

Who made man’s mouth?

Who made the mute, the seeing, or the blind?

Did not I, the Lord?

I thought of you before you were even born.

You were mine before the sun shined.

When I looked and said creation was good,

I was including you!

Did you forget that before I formed you in your mother’s womb...

I knew you?

I knew you long before you heard about Me.

I am the air you breathe.

I am the light that allows you to see.

I am the greenery that comes in spring.

Every good thing is a result of Me...

Every evil thing tries to take you from Me.

Though the wages of sin is death,

Death is the last door you enter before you meet- guess who- Me.

So you can’t even escape Me in suicide,

Nor in that vision of Hell I gave you when you died.

I am there when you are pregnant and don’t know the father.

I am there when you abandon your child for another.

I am there the day you became a murderer.

I said if a man thinks it in his heart, so is he.

So not even your thoughts take you from Me.

Do you get it yet? Do you hear Me?

Think of those sins you hold dearly.

Think of those places you refused to hear Me.

I was there... in those moments.

Even in your greatest, life-changing sin.

That one sin that made you feel you went too far from Me.

I was there.

When you slid that needle in you vein, I was there.

When your rebellion drove your parents insane, I was there.

When you spat on My name, I was there.

Through the blood and the muck, I was there...

Wishing you would look for Me.

Wishing you would use those Spirit-filled eyes to see.

My arms open wide; shouting “Come to Me!”

You hate that moment in your life, but I don’t.

You hit rock bottom, and found the Rock to stand on.

And every wise man builds his house on the rock.

Do not beat yourself up over what you did.

Build your foundation on what I did.

I gave My life for you,

Even when I knew what you would do.

I looked ahead to 2018 and said,

“Greater things they will do.”

All of you.

Don’t sell yourself short, My chosen.

Your worth is not in your sin, but in your redemption.

So when you look in the mirror, see yourself anew.

See yourself like I see you.

Know, that I am proud of you.

Know, that I have called you... good.


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