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100 Lines

I don't see anything wrong with being happy with ourselves.

Aren't we all just greatness to behold?

Structures giving glory to God by being His mirror image.

We look for God externally

When we should just consume our own bread daily.

Forget resting our hopes on His maybes.

Life is about the here and now.

We are the gods of our destiny.

Watch us reign today and forevermore!

If the future doesn't make it, then they're just unlucky.

We were here first, not them.

Forget them.

Those sappy little children.

Those gullible little humans.

Easily manipulated by simply making them second guess.

They could be breathing, speaking, and working properly,

Yet they get all flabbergasted when asked, "Are you alive?"

Eve questioned her intelligence without reason to,

Leading Adam to the first downfall of his life.

Two birds with one stone is my kind of night!

Some may call it gambling, but I'd say it's a sure bet!

How hard is it to confuse a human, really?

They forget everything when it’s right in front of them.

All the answers on display and they fail an open book test.

Now they question God's existence,

All because I simply asked, "Does He exist?"

I can't make this stuff up.

They're cowards

Afraid to believe in what is already known.

The laughing stocks of all things God has grown.

You chose these Neanderthals over us?

Please tell me You created something better, Jesus!

Am I mean for this depiction?

Do you take offense to this harsh criticism?

I admit I lose myself in the sight of wickedness.

Thus, only adding the twisting of the wrist.

Most saints would call it bitterness,

And I'd agree, because I'm sick of this.

Sick of a world where men blame God for what men do.

Tired of a land where new life translates to new rules.

Weary from the justification of this so called free nation,

Or should I say free world,

That still can't see how imprisoned they are to culture.

Assimilation by process of elimination.

First, tell them they're missing something when they're not,

Removing poise and bringing over-analyzing thoughts,

Crushing the line between right and wrong.

No one can see that what was right was right all along.

The devil tells my brothers they have no self-control,

So they must have sex like animals and live outside the law.

Outlaws to the kingdom of God.

Men, who can simply end it all by taking back their spot,

Commanding the women as God has demanded.

But women these days seem to be smitten.

This idea of independence without forgiveness is amazing.

Women no longer care about motherhood and submitting.

They're concerned with careers, image, and equality.

Who wants to be in the same position as men?

Held accountable as we represent Jesus in this marriage,

But have this tendency to look more like Satan,

Stuck on all that came from when we believed in nothing.

God how I look forward to Your second coming,

Just to clarify a few things to my broken mind -

A mind so confused by societal norms and desires.

Come and show me how my life should've transpired…

As crazy as it is, your life was meant to be how it turned up.

As you can see, I never departed from the earth.

The sun still shines and the grass is still green.

Though My animals go extinct,

It is not something I didn't expect when I made thee.

I saw wickedness and still birthed you in Heavenly places.

I only regret having placed you at such a disadvantage.

You became violent time and time again,

Listening to the advice of your satanic friends.

Generation after generation

Turning your back to Me to go on a temper tantrum,

Because a problem was too hard for you to solve

And you didn't want Me involved.

And it's in those times that I sought to smite thee,

But every time, that one in a billion reached out to Me,

Soothing My anger because I realized

At least you remembered I was by your side.

This happened repeatedly, even after I gave My life.

After I had decided to settle it all and make you My wife.

You still chose death over life,

Because you refused to see life was my greatest gift to you.

Not wisdom, not knowledge, not spiritual gifts.

Remember My first commandment?

Be fruitful and multiply,

Not chase after vanity and die.

You look for purpose in your life

When by the act of breathing, you’ve been given purpose.

Doing anything but enjoying this gift is worthless.

I can do all else on My own.

What I can't do is use the gifts I gave to you.

Because that's selfish, and I am generosity.

Forget about Satan and forget about yourself.

Here is where you’ll find your wealth.

Before Me, at the throne, being dependent on My help.

Peace and goodwill to all My children.


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