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A Hard Lesson

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Listening to words and instruments

Orchestrate a predicament

Which we call music...

But it's more like a tunic,

In which, the more you wear it,

The more people expect to see you in it.

A man cries aloud

His lack of a sound relationship,

Because he's in love from afar

Rather than near the 'love of his life'

Or someone he thinks could possibly maybe be his wife.

What is this life?

What is this trivial pursuit we all face every day?

Looking for someone to have the guts to say

I love you, not just today, but yesterday and always.

A type of love that can only be found in God,

But somehow God has been translated to humans,

Which we all know are less than enough...

This life is tough...

So I scream to the heavens "have mercy!"

I don't even get wordy.

I just want something worthy

Of the image of God.

A love so strong

That when others come along

They say "wow, they got it”...

But what is this - 'it'

And why haven't I found - 'it'?

Angels keep telling me "push further; try harder;

It's closer than you think."

But why does it feel like my blessing

Is as far as the sun...?

But then God hits me with another one...

"You can’t see the sun at night, yet you know it is there

So why can't you know that your blessing is too?

You parade around as a fool

And lust over My daughters

Like they're tools for your amusement

Instead of queens waiting for their kings to take a throne...

You question Me as to why you're alone,

When you're alone because you refuse to take your throne.

Instead you wait for an answer

With the chair right in front of you.

Sit and wait. She will come through.

The only thing holding you back, is you..."

Painful lessons that break the heart...

I look around unsure of where to start.

My Lord says "start here,

Have no fear, for I am with you."

And I remember that – when I am with you...

You, not perfect yet worth it, you...

I turn off my 'high standards'

And leave myself open to hurt.

It scared me at first,

But you set the standard.

It lines right along the Word of God,

And now my heart says 'occupied'.

I stopped listening to the lie.

The lie that once said "chivalry is dead.

Girls only care about popularity and bread.

A single, fine, Godly woman doesn't exist."

I used to argue with it

Saying, "I'm chivalrous!

I have met beautiful women who aren't ungodly!"

And it asked, "Then why aren't you with them?"...

Making me dig deep to find a reason within them...

I became judgmental of women unknown to me,

Magnifying little things to be the fullness of their character.

It made me selfish with my love.

Not spreading love because they weren't good enough.

Forgive me, I'm sorry.

I was blind to my own desires...

But lucky for me, my desire is to go higher...

Higher than the simple, convenient way of thinking.

Higher than viewing women as play-things.

I stretch to the heavens with all my might.

Expand the kingdom so that only You are in my sight.

Connect a bridge between You and the world.

Trust me again with one of Your girls.

I am not who I once was! ...

I'm not saying this just because...

It's just that I've had enough...


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