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I found myself looking at your picture again,

The one with you in leopard print,

Leaning against the rail over the admirers below,

All wanting to be the camera,

The one object that can capture you in your finest moment.

I admit I’m addicted to you my friend,

Or should I say stranger,

Because we haven’t met.

You just ruin all my dreams with your presence,

Making me forget the dream as a whole

To retain the image of you for an hour of my day.

You, in the yellow summer dress,

Tip toeing around the complex

With a smile as bright as the sun.

I hope you’re happy.

You, in the white blouse and black jacket,

Red lipstick on the wine glass,

Surrounded by the friends brought to approve of me.

I hope I pass the test.

You, in the red jacket and blue jeans,

Walking with such determination,

To reach a place too far for me to see.

I hope you turn around,

And bless me with your beauty once more.

A prayer birthed in my soul

Wishes all the blessings flood over you.

Anoint your head in perfume

So that your aura smells like that of a field of roses,

Attracting hordes of bees to your bosom.

Suck out the pollen and give life to the man inside me.

You are worthy of this life I offer.

You are destined to be my support tower,

But the language I speak to you now is foreign.

The words of Heaven fall from my lips

And grace your ears like music,

But you haven’t learned to read the notes.

What’s worse is that you seem deaf or distracted,

Caught in the gaze of the evil one.

I hate to see your soul dissected from you.

I take my sword and fight with him to no avail.

Still I swing to see him fall,

So that I will know God has released you

And I can come get you.

I daydream about you always.

God whispers, "You are My daydream, son."

So I focus on Him

In hopes that one day He’ll lead me to you.

And instead of wishing and hoping I’m the camera,

I’ll be the rail holding you from the building’s edge,

Keeping you safe from the dangers below,

Supporting you as they look up to our height,

Never letting you fall again.

My precious blessing.

My lady to be.


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