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And Still, He Went

There were smiles...

Everywhere you looked there were smiles.

Hands clapped, voices cried out, tears flowed.

They were happy;

Happy to see the King approaching.

They even threw palm branches before the donkey

Carrying Him into the ordained city.

You never would’ve known.

These are the smiles that would frown.

These are the hands that would shake.

These are the voices that would fade into silence,

As His enemies would shout,

“Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

They couldn’t have known, but He did.

Many times, He forewarned them of His end.

And still… He went,

Riding that anointed donkey.

He did not sulk, but He prayed.

He did not flee, but He pressed onward.

He came from a glorified throne in heavenly places,

Made Himself as vulnerable as a baby,

Subjected Himself to the authority of His creations,

And allowed Himself to experience our temptations.

If you ask a man should a king step down to save his enemies,

Most would laugh and call that idea absurd.

But Jesus saw something we couldn’t see.

He saw the people of 2019, and beyond.

His thought was not to build up a wall to protect His kingdom,

But to leave His protection and save His children,

Who had wandered off into the camp of His enemies,

And declared themselves citizens of evil.

They shout, “We were born this way!”

Not realizing every perverse act was a lash into His back;

Every vain use of His name was a whip against His earthly body.

He took that beating.

He did it without even moping.

There were no promises of revenge,

No obscenities shouted towards us.

He merely forgave us as He hung bleeding,

Confessed we did not know what we were doing,

Took on every sin we drilled into our being,

And made its power over us amount to nothing.

He did it, though we never could fully know the significance.

Nevertheless... Thy will be done.

To this day, Thy will be done.

As we sit, again lying the palm branches before the King,

This time in our cars, homes, and churches,

Let us clap our hands for His promised return.

Let our tears be desperation to see His face.

Let our voices cry out,

“Even so, come Lord Jesus! Come!”

May our enemies be the ones that are silenced.

May our souls jump with joy at the sight of Him!

May the bitterness once again turn to happiness!

Our Savior, the Alpha and the Omega, will return!

Can you hear the hooves clicking?

Do you remember the cost it took for you to keep on singing?

He knew...

And still, for you, He comes.

As a loving father comes for his distressed child,

He runs to you.

May we be found reaching to Him,

So that He may wrap us in His arms

And comfort us once more.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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