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From the beginning of time, I was called to be a man.

One to replace the fools that littered the path before me.

How important it is to realize one's role in existence,

For life is a gift passed down from God.

I would know, for women were birthed from me.

Though I came from a womb, the womb came from me.

An endless cycle of creation of life,

All it took was a rib and the hand of God.

Imagine an arm in His use.

How much could I have created had I not sinned?

But I did sin, and now my hands only create destruction.

Devastation by my fingertips.

Still I hope a flower will bloom from my hands.

Her name will be wife

And we will romance one another ‘til the ages of eternity,

Because this love will never die.

It will mock lies telling me I can’t have a lasting marriage.

It will crush all intruders seeking to slay a good thing.

It will persevere through all trials and tribulations.

And when its life in the physical realm has ended,

It will stand before God and cause Him to smile.

There, He will realize it reminds Him of He and His wife,

But none of this matters to a boy my age.

I have just seen my first pretty face

And she captivates my wild heart.

This may be the start of something unique.


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