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Death to the Bachelor

Woe to the man who stands before me.

Proud is he of the simplest things,

Accomplishing his lavish dreams... alone.

I hate to be you; I hate being you;

I never wanted this!

I wanted the stone and brick house with the picket fence.

Just thinking about it causes me to reminiscence.

Remember in second grade when you didn't date, but you crushed?

You didn't have to get to know the world of hurt she had for you.

You relied on that beautifully elegant crutch,

Never letting imagination fall into realization.

She didn't want you.

No, my boy, what are you doing?

Why didn't you wake from the dream?

Big boys don't get the finer things.

We settle for who will take us.

A special fate left by the world just for us.

Teddy bears will never be in style,

No matter how much muscle their fat hides.

You- will- not- escape.

I hate you for thinking otherwise...

You passed from one crush to the next,

Expecting life to magically decide to hand you the best.

You never learned.

If she didn't want you, she doesn't want you,

And if she doesn't want you, she will never want you.

Leagues are a thing you refuse to believe.

Just let your statistics speak.

You have a good job,

You have a degree,

You live for God,

But you're single.

You're the man women desire on social media,

But will reject once they see you in the city.

They don't want to ruin you.

They're too busy to entertain you.

They walk all over you,

And like a dog to his on vomit, you return.

You think it's patience you must learn?

How about have some backbone!?

We are too good for this!

We don't run around chasing the tail of a bit-


The sooner you realize your fate,

The sooner you can get a date.

The sooner you get a date,

The faster you get a mate.

No more waiting on God.

You passed up on so many and for what?

A woman that treats you like a fan more than a man.

A woman who will overlook your caring heart for a cheater;

Look straight through you at a man who'll beat her.

Why are you waiting for her!?

We don't want girls like her!

I'm sick of you!

I hate you, I hate you, I HATE you! I- hate- you!

You gullible grown man.

Shut up your ambition and stick to the plan.

Settle for the one staring at the back of your head.

Within a month, she'll have all your books read.

She won't make your heart sing, but you'll be at peace.

Pick the boring, good girl. You're boring too.

Don’t grow old being only one, but as two becoming one.

Just think of all the things she'll be able to do.

She'll lead you to the cross too.

Listen to your heart.

Don't chase the pain, but the sure thing

Curse this demon trying to live with me,

Tempting me to do what's easy.

To give up on the destiny meant for me,

Just to embrace paganism.

Marriage is a sanctuary, not a routine.

We don't get married for family or feelings,

We get married at the behest of God;

It's a blessing.

We can't settle and create a masterpiece.

We pray, seek, hunt, and feed.

I have what I have because I asked.

I am who I am because He unveiled His mask.

Word by word, chapter by chapter;

Book by book, passage by passage.

I learn from the Master.

I will love her before she knows how to love me.

I will guide her with subtle, authoritative speech.

I will tell her how her trust pleases me.

I will not waste my words with idle speech.

I will find the woman in her that I seek

I will pursue her before she turns my way.

I will call her by name and know what I must say.

I will give her all that I am to make sure she's okay.

Because at the end of the day, she's mine until the last day.

Often, we are tempted to give our hopes away,

But my God is far too great.

I will stay the course and play it safe.

With all my eggs in Your basket, Lord,

What do You have to say?

Lead the way,

To her...


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