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Distant Memories

First… I will press my lips against your cheeks.

I will slide my tongue to your neck and suck at your skin.

I will kiss all over your face and settle at your chin.

Gently making my presence felt as you imagine.

I will shackle your wrists with the touch of my fingertips.

I will coddle your breasts with the strength of my hands.

I am gentle.

I am love.

Please, do not cry.

You are not in the hands of perverted men,

But underneath the gaze of your loving husband.

Feel my breath entering the canals of your ears.

Enjoy the soothing aura of my body heat.

Sense the collision of our cheeks

As my hands slither across your surface like snakes,

But trust me, they are harmless.

They will not bite at you.

It is only meant to elevate the experience,

And deliver you from your pains.

Let them be.

Subdue the agony and let love run free.

Watch as my fingers search to please you.

Remember, my love, it is I who begs to enter,

Not the one forcing his way through your lingerie.

You put this on for me.

Now I take it off.

Slowly… Gently…

Reveal your heart to me.

Breathe and relax.

Unclench your hands.

It is not a struggle of might, but a passionate night.

There is nothing to fear…

I am here to wipe away every tear;

I am not going to force you.

Lean into me so that I may hold you.

Let me mend the scars.

I feel the anxiety tingling up your spine.

It took a lot to let me get this close.

Let me return the favor.

Let me show you how it should be done.

Feel my soft lips upon your womb,

It is safe in my arms.

Here, there is only love and peace.

Let me cloud your pours with my scent.

Let me etch my lips deep within your skin.

Allow me to mark your body with my teeth.

Think only thoughts of fervent love.

So he can no longer hinder you.

So the pain can no longer trouble you.

Be freed from the prison of his inflicted wounds.

You are my queen, not his prisoner.

You are my treasure, not his dumpster.

He cannot fill you will terror.

He cannot take away your soul.

It is in my trustworthy hands,

Given to me by the Almighty Lord.

See your knight in his shining armor.

See your lover and friend.

Not that thief with angry eyes

Who stole your innocence.

You are a garden that I will attend to.

I will plant kisses like seeds across your body.

I will water the buds with my tongue.

You will once again look in the mirror and see your beauty.

No one shall enter you – as I entered you – ever again.

You are forever mine to nurture, not his to use.

I aim to please, not abuse.

Recall my tenderness as I hold you in my arms.

Shed your tears as you remember that day.

You are not the victim of a rapist,

But one worthy of a wedding’s romance.

My angel from God,

My sweet cherry;

Fruit of my blessings,

My everlasting love.

You do not have to scream in agony

As he rips your heart from you.

Here you can love freely.

For I am drawn to the rhythm of your heartbeat,

And what the wicked did, is nothing but a distant memory.


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