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Dreams and NIghtmares

We were playing,

My brothers and I.

The normal horseplay of young boys in a big house.

You'd think we'd break something,

But something broke us…

Jump through time and suddenly my legs are broken.

I'm wailing from downstairs as I bleed from my knees.

Head traumatized and seeping blood.

I look up to find the child of the Omen,

A movie I had only seen a preview for.

He looked at me unaffected by my screams.

He then looked upstairs.

I followed his gaze to see my little brother.

He jumped from the balcony to his death.

Soared over my head, arms spread wide,

And landed with a thump and died.

I awoke in a panic to find an evil thing on my bed.

It was on all fours as it stared vehemently at my head.

I, a Junior in high school, covered myself in my blanket.

It would not leave.

The hairs on my body rose as I began to weep.

I felt it around my knees and arms,

Like another human body standing over me,

But it's face I could not see.

I could only feel its presence on top of me,

Like a wolf man- a beast.

I reached out like a frightened child and called mom.

Thank You, God, she answered and came to my rescue.

As the light came on, it left me.

Retreated to the shadows from wince it came.

My mother found me in tears,

Said a prayer over me and my room, and left me.

I lied in silence, afraid to return to the joyous dreams.

I was so frightened, I could not think.

Thank You, God, for J Moss,

My night's hero.

I put my headphones on and listened.

"I wanna be all You want me to be."

It's true God, I do.

Three songs in, I was sleep again.

The demon did not return,

For Your angels sung me to sleep.

It wasn't just J Moss, I don't think.

The hairs slithered back down.

My heart slowly settled back down,

And life went on, as one night did not ruin my life.

What would've happened if my mom did not know You?


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