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Dressed to Impress


You can't wear clothes you wear with just anyone.

Dress like God is attending the next service at church,

Whereupon He'll greet and shake everyone's hand

Whilst your mother watches from the upper deck pews

Knowing the little angel she birthed knows better.

Like you knew what it took to graduate.

You've elevated to a knee standard of living.

You know better.

Act like it.


Call her to remind her of where you're taking her.

If it's a secret, know the time you need her to be ready.

Demand her respect.

If it's not a secret, mention the reservation time.

Remind her.

Show her you want to hear her voice confirm it.

Own it.

It's your moment, too.

Shine like a lightbulb in a dark room

Or like a good man in an evil world.

Never threaten yourself by dimming or dumbing.

Know the plan.

Stick to it.


Arrive fifteen minutes early.

It's not a job interview.

It's a wife interview.

Therefore, your best effort isn't enough,

So pray to God you find more strength to endure.

Go to her.

Be there from the start, she'll be there to the end,

But that's the future.

The present begs you walk to her door and knock.

Please, have something in hand,

A flower will do.

Score points by having something she's dreamed for.

Nothing on you physically is what she dreams for.

You want a harlot or a queen?

Harlots don't know what to do with this;

Queens will learn and adapt.

At the first sight of her, compliment something- anything.

Clarify you see changes from "regular" her to "dating" her.

Take her arm; wrap it in your own.

Escort her down to your car.

Going forward, you neither enter your car first

Nor exit your car last.

Open each and every door possible.

Make sure her clothes don't get stuck in your clean car-

Clean as in washed-

Clean as in you don't want her in your mess this early.


Take her.

Chauffeur her like your finances depend on it-

They do.

She doesn’t have them now,

But eventually she will

And when she does,

She needs to know not to be reckless,

Like your driving.

So be smooth;

Be aware.

Never startle her.

Let her be at peace around you.

Start a conversation,

She can’t be that comfortable.

You must make her think, respond, and engage.

You could use it too.

I know you’re nervous,

So talk it out.

You’ll both find it’s not that difficult

Unless you’re both difficult,

But don’t be.

Be easy.


Arrive knowing what you’re doing and where you’re going.

Lead her in confidence.

Exude confidence!

Take her hand!

Be her man!

Know your reservation.

Confirm it!

This is the easy part.

The atmosphere will grab her.

If it’s slow, make it lively.

If it’s fast, keep it smooth.

Always be the balancer of her life.

Let her know that early.

Let them do their job,

But you are to sit her.

Stretch out her chair.

Be the one she can trust in this new environment.

New in experience or new in appearance.

Let it be new.

Don’t let it be just another hangout spot.

It can’t be.

Don’t be the dull one.


Now that you’ve been seated,

Don’t worry about the price.

Funds should’ve been accounted for beforehand.

She needs to know your plan is fully thought out,

Then she won’t feel the need to takeover later.

Everything about now is for later.

Don’t mistake this for something simple.

It can be,

But later you will hate present you for not being bolder.

Be bold.

I said this already.

Let her order first,

This is her treat-

She is your treat

So you enjoy her while she enjoys the atmosphere.

If she drinks, let her,

Don’t judge.

You’re here to accept what is wrong.

Pray God corrects it moving forward.

Only God can motivate her to righteousness.

Your patience is all that will help Him.

So order, eat, converse, and be merry!

But don’t forget to pray!

You are the leader.

You lead her to God.

Before you sip a drink or ingest a plate, pray.

Be thankful God got you this date.

He opened her heart, not you.

Despite the confidence, it is a direct result of Him,

So be thankful and pray.

Seventh -

The completion:

You pay.

Your date, your invite, your bill.

She only need worry about how she looks,

And you should’ve already encouraged her on that by now.

It’s okay to be old school.

Help her from her chair,

Escort her back home,

Drive carefully.

Thank her for the wonderful night.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Not the welcome she has provided

But the welcome God has allowed.

Did you forget He gave you permission to see her heart?

Have you disregarded His mercy keeping her heart open?

Open your last door,

Escort her up the last steps,

Say your goodnight,


Live to date another day.

This is day one.

It can be day one of ten

Or day one of a thousand.

If your intentions turn foul, depart.

If your intentions were always foul, curse you;

May the wrath of God be poured out on you.

She is a woman!

She is a daughter of Christ!

You wicked vermin!

And only you!

Gentlemen, you be blessed.

Go home and pray.

Thank God for the day

Because it could’ve never happened,

But it did.

Be glad.

You win.


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