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Beloved... you make me weak...

Not weak in the sense that I can't lift heavy weights or-

Not weak in the sense that I've lost control-

Heck, I'm not even to the point of tears.

You see, something in me has changed,

And it has me out here looking strange.

I feel like Aladdin,

In that, there's never enough time to wine and dine you;

Not enough moments to intellectually woo you.

So let me take you to the skies and get a world view.

The clouds, the birds, the fireworks- all gifts to you.

It's my world that I set at your feet;

My essence is just within reach,

And unlike Aladdin, there's no genie for me.

I've made this place because I've met my queen.

Empress, I bow to my knees,

Henceforth, mine heart approacheth thee.

I speak the King James speech

For I have found something unique to me,

And I must translate the scriptures I read.

Her lips are like strawberry margaritas;

Her bosom like mimosas after sex.

Her neck is a mudslide;

Her tongue: red wine.

But when she speaks...universes are created.

Her "hello" is the rays of sunshine over the horizon;

Her "baby" is crashing waves against the shore.

Her "honey" is the flower blooming;

Her "I love you" is the tearing of the veil...

God... I see You.

Behind those lustrous eyes;

Within that sugary voice;

Meshed in her mind's ideals...

I've found what makes me, a man, weak...

Milady... I've found... me.

Let me explain, my queen.

You see, I was not me before I was with you.

I'd never go get ice cream when I feel blue.

Ballets would have never been viewed.

But if dancing is what you like, I'll go.

If ice cream is needed, to the store, I'll go.

I've massaged feet, and washed tangled hair.

I've watched chick flicks, and not because I lost a dare.

I've listened to a five-minute story for two hours

Without turning my attention away

And remembering every detail's detail

Along with the backstory for each detail

Together with the character that defines the detail.

I buy unneeded, pretty things.

I participate in silly, romantic activities.

I ease one person's life like it's a daily requirement.

I stare at one person for undisclosed amounts of time...

She is a feast upon a bed of flowers glistening in the sun

With the cool breeze of the ocean flowing through

As the smell of candles rejuvenate the room

And a warm blanket is wrapped around you.

Don't you see how you've made me weak?

Who am I without you!?...

Who was I?...

A straightforward, insensitive, impatient, tasteless,

Simpleminded, uncreative, unimaginative,

Unproductive, meek, and pathetic male.

If you leave me, that is who I'll be.

You've made me weak,

Tearing the veil between who I was and who I'm meant to be.

I put aside my strength to hold you tenderly.

I put away my pride to serve you wholeheartedly.

I deny my anxiety to make room for our growth.

I relinquish control so that you'll know:

My weakness is my strength,

Because in my weakness, there is gain.

She is my greatest earthly gift from God.

She is why I know of sacrifice.

Crucifying my flesh for the sake of your life,

As a husband should do for his wife.

Protecting, nurturing, encouraging, comforting,

Guiding, leading, teaching, and blessing her daily.

Death to hyper masculinity.

Death to false definitions of strength.

Pride, selfishness, greed, lust, and chauvinism die today.

I've realized I need her.

She's the reason I found my way.


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