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I Think I'm in Love

Above, a rainbow defiantly darts across the midnight sky,

Forcing the full moon to expand its silver hue nearby,

Looking like a shield plate in the House of God.

Even the white stars shine brighter.

The orange gases they hide behind are now visible.

And to show how much greater they are,

They jump from one universe to the other,

Zip lining through space to make our eyes shift in awe.

Yet, all of them must compete with the fireworks below,

Mimicking the rays of the sun with quick bursts of neon.

A glorious show offset by a warm, red cozy fire for us.

The flames dance before us like ballroom contestants

As they float around a humongous tree that has yet to burn.

It seems God may want to speak to us soon,

And at His feet bloom flowers that stand firm like cacti.

Amazing how they glow radiantly in their various colors

And are not harmed by the raging competition above them,

Being allowed to mimic the defiant rainbow in the sky,

Displaying the communion of nature and man before God.

A magnificent view we share from an open field

Where the wind plays between the blades of grass

And there is no threat to us for miles in either direction.

It’s a sight that would bewilder any man observing it.

Yet, after all this, all I'll ever be concerned about

Is how it all reflects from her eyes,

As she smiles at the wonders before her,

And I smile at the wonder before me.


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