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I failed you.

It's hard for me to admit, but it is what it is.

I failed you.

You came to me seeking something only I could bring,

And instead of handing it over to you freely,

I withdrew my hand from you.

I was afraid.

Terrified of releasing my most precious thing

Over to a fiend who would rip it to shreds.

I saw so many mistakes that I failed to see you.

This woman hanging on the edge of hope for love.

Ready to jump from the cliff and never believe again.

I played right into the devil's hands

And merely sat back and watched.

All the confidence I had was shot.

I was in over my head.

Now I stand by the edge, praying for a second chance.

Give me wings so I can fly down to her.

Give me speed so I can catch her before she lands.

Give me healing so that I can repair her damage.

Give me faith, so that I can release my heart to her.

Her image has just about faded from me.

Her arms are still spread wide;

She waits to embrace the fate of lover's death,

But I'm not done yet...

Dear Lord,

Do for her as You did for me.

Open her eyes and let her see,

That love is right where it needs to be

For her and for me.

Should our eyes meet, let her see her king,

As You allowed me to see my queen.

My heart yearns for her endlessly.

Do not take this promise from me.

I beg You, please,



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