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Morning's Storm

Your smile is the trigger

For the infantile excitement that erupts from my soul.

Your voice collaborates with my mind

To mimic what happens when a friend of yesteryear

Returns to your presence this day.

As I gaze into your eyes,

I see memories long forgotten

Rising to the surface like rain water from concrete.

I've forgotten what this feels like.

This evaporation elevating my emotions

Until my heart condenses the condition into clouds.

Thus, I walk on cloud nine,

Floating high above reality

As if the cloud isn't becoming too heavy...

Your pains cause precipitation

And I crash back into mourning.

Tears streaming from high hopes

Because I am ready,

But alas... you are not...

So I've fallen again

For an angel masked in misery.

You can't even see that you're worthy.

You deserve to be loved unconditionally.

Why do you dangle me on a string?

I am what you need-

An offering from His Majesty.

Why restrain me?

Open your heart so that I may flood into you.

Pour every ounce of cloud nine into your mind,

So that you may understand I have plans for you.

I will love you like the first gasp of air after drowning.

You've been a cloud with lightning since the beginning,

But if you'd let my cumulus into your storm,

You'd see how easy I'd lift that burden from your shoulders.

I am here for you.

Release your pain unto me,

So that after the rain,

You can see the sun,

And we can experience cloud nine together…

I want you.


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