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Next to Godliness

What can you do to Me?

How much pain could you possibly deliver?

Look at My hands.

Stare at My feet.

Nails were driven into Me.

Whips, chains, and razors tortured Me.

A crown of thorns was stuck on My head.

A spear punctured My side

And still, I'm alive.

So you think your stabs and gouges hurt?

Keep them coming. They won't work.

You can take a blade to My shoulder,

A knife to My back.

Think of every single way to attack

And come full force.

I will never tremble.

I will never lose.

Use whatever torture device at your disposal.

Shoot Me with that gun in your holster.

Take a machete to My forearms.

Stick a grenade in My mouth.

How many ways can you attempt to harm Me and fail?

I am God.

I am too powerful for your weak weapons.

I can do infinitely worse to you lightyears faster.

But I choose not to

Because I love you.

So keep venting your anger out against Me.

Keep acting out your frustrations.

I am here to endure them,

Only so that you can release and be at peace.

Call Me the greatest punching bag;

The wisest counselor.

Don't hold anything back from Me.


Because when you are weary

And can no longer lift a finger against Me,

I will heal the damage you've done

And pour My love out on you.


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