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Nightmares and Dreams

The boys,

We played.

All my friends from high school days

Running pickup games in the gymnasium.

I rebounded a shot and hit the ground.

It must've been important because everyone cheered,

And the guys tugged at my arm.

But then one jumped on me,

Sending me from the court to the field,

Transforming the basketball to a football,

And then everyone else caught on.

A dog pile was being formed.

They were crushing me to the bone.

This wasn't right, my real body was in fright.

I awoke to find a demon staring at my head.

Its same angry eyes.

Its same four legs.

This dark presence standing on my bed.

My mother wasn't around.

J Moss couldn't make a sound.

So I turned to You.

Called Your name so I could make it through.

"Jesus!" I said,

But only in my mind.

I could only think about calling Him at the time.

The demon took my ability to speak.

This thing had a power over me,

So I kept calling Your name,

Feeling it breaking through some spell.

"Jesus Jesus JESUS!" I screamed.

Then, suddenly, it left me.

Retreated from my bed.

The darkness seemed brighter,

But I was in anger.

This was my house, not my mother's house.

How dare this thing approach me!

I called for Your angels.

I summoned You to my presence,

And You came,

Set a peace over the house.

It was never the same.

Turned my lights on and prayed to You,

Covered my house with an angel or two... dozen.

We cannot count the number, right?

The phenomenon was strange.

I had casted out my first demon,

And it was in my home, not somewhere else,

With someone who was doing worse things than I.

It was humbling.

I thank You for that lesson.

Now I knew they could hear me.

When I cried for You, they feared me.

Prepare yourself, world,

God's son walks among you.

Demons beware.

I will cast you out wherever I find you.


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