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The End

The leaves disappear in winter; reborn again in spring,

The sun sets at night; rising again in the morning.

As the earth spins

The death of one is the birth of another.

Such is the cycle of life as it fights against the decaying.

That is who you are as you fight against my past lovers.

So many in number, I have forgotten what true love is.

Many times I have imitated it,

But found myself in so much pain after the dust settles.

Going to war with those I had once loved.

How could you love someone so battle-scarred?

I’m a limping warrior seeking solitude in your kingdom,

For I am ashamed I lost so badly.

Yet you admire me as royalty.

As if I deserve your reverence rather than your pity.

You welcome me in wanting nothing in return.

It is confidence I lack but you teach me to love myself,

And I am becoming whole again.

All because you looked past my defeat

And saw me as who I was aspiring to be,

And thought to help.


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