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What I See

Close your eyes...

Let me take you to a place called paradise.

A place not seen when you look to the skies,

But felt everywhere when you're about to die.

This empty place.

Empty of all pain and sorrow.

Every bad memory becomes hollow

Because the Lord will wipe every tear away,

And the feeling of His hands upon your face

Is enough to replace all brokenness.

Just to feel His fingertips graze across your chin,

Glide up your cheek and remove the sin.

The hurt, the guilt, the fear.

Then He'll hug you, and all will be clear.

You are meant to be here.

God wouldn’t have moved had He not led you here.

This place is not empty, but full.

Heaven's angels all around looking cool.

You turn left and see your lost love.

Your turn right and see your best friend above,

Soaring with the ones you thought were lost.

The ones you thought would never make it to the cross.

Every face from stranger to boss.

From acquaintance to the guy in maintenance.

From the receiver of your most basic gift

To the giver of your greatest present.

Every son and every daughter.

Every single person you prayed for...

Can you number them?

Do you even remember them all?

Surely you can see their faces,

Alive and well with warm embraces.

They hug you because you were last to reach heaven.

They petitioned the Almighty for your presence.

To be part of such a holy place as the vicinity of Jesus.

Glory shines on Him like the sun,

And He shines on you like His son... or His daughter.

Tears in His eyes because finally, My baby is home.

You had been gone for so long.

He spent many nights making sure you found the way.

And now you stand here today

In the midst of billions ready to give thanks

Because God spared you.

Of all the people in the world, you were called.

After all the obstacles you failed, you still didn't fall,

And that in itself is a reason to breakdown and cry.

You could've been dead, but you're alive.

What a wonderful surprise

To be in the midst of all that ever touched your heart.

A better feeling than the darkest hours that left a scar.

More joyous than the pain you hold even now...

Satan's been trying to keep you down.

Where life offered joy, he'd rather you frown.

Where you should be soaring, he'd rather you drown.

Depression has got its hands around your throat,

But there is one thing you should know,

And that is the Lord's desires trump him every time.

This isn't a political plug for dollar signs,

This is the truth meant to save your life!

Jesus did die on the cross that one fateful night,

And when He hung His head, He released His might!

So that you and I could still get up and fight!

Not with a gun, but a smile.

Not a knife, but a milestone.

What you've been hoping for has been dead for so long,

And Jesus gave you the power to resurrect all along.

You think people resurrect for no reason?

You may be dying right now, but it's just a season.

Take up the blessing that is resurrection.

Every dead hope and dream needs rechecking.

Because though you said it is finished,

It didn't actually matter until 'He' said you're done.

He's got His hand extended, ready to run.

Only question is whether or not you'll pass the baton?

Will you continue to fight life with your own might,

Or will you release all things to God and have peace?

Reach out in front of you!

Place your burdens in His hands!

He's the one with the master plan!

Follow Him! ...

This isn't just a poem that sounds like a sermon,

This is a call to reaffirm.

A challenge to pick up the dead weight you call a life

And give it your all the rest of the way out of spite.

Test the Lord and see He is gracious.

Stomp on the devil until he is faceless.

He hates the fact that you're determined to succeed.

This is why he guts you and tempts you to bleed.

Fight! Fight! Fight, I say!

Today, yesterday, and always!

This is the day the Lord has made!

Rejoice, and enjoy the fact that God wants you saved.



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