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Who I Do This For

Dreaming for the sleeping spirits,

Plotting for the forgotten souls.

I write down the emotions in my heart,

So men are no longer afraid to be vulnerable.

To be honest and open and brave

Knowing fully that their weaknesses will be exposed,

And that they will have strength within them still.

Strength - a word long forgotten in the trials of life,

But I cling to my hopes like a madman

And fight on hidden battlefields.

All for them.

Willing to discard the shifting of my eyes

So that when my wife comes, they will not wander from her,

Not even for a simple passerby.

Tuning out my desire for flesh,

Even the hymnals of its lusty renditions,

So that I may lead her in intellect and spirit.

Not to be subdued by her tantalizing figure.

Practicing speeches in the shower

So that my passion is checked and lit as a pilot,

Just waiting for the breath of God to flow through

And set ablaze an entire region, named Earth,

And give warmth to the broken hearts.

The God of existence will use me as He sees fit

For the redemption of His people,

And the release of His mercy.

For the next generation will suffer by His hands.

Thus, I remain as the General before war,

Plotting out my courses of action,

Labeling the safe havens in the rear

Who will stand by the Word of God unto death.

Determined to keep my little ones safe.

Nieces, nephews, and cousins they may be,

But they will lead the nation to follow.

If they are to lead my own,

I must make sure they are prepared for when I am gone.

So I lead by example

And hope they will be inspired to follow behind me.

But this has never been about me.

I am only to experience the fruits of my labor with gladness and peace.

I did not create this ambition,

But the eyes of men dare me to reach for billions

So that the homeless have places to sleep,

The sick have doctors and scientists to heal,

The poor have food,

The dreamers have opportunities,

And the good are at peace.

I have seen the greedy suck hope from beautiful souls.

I am here to take from them

And give back to the people who've inspired me.

People like single mothers, who love stronger than they hurt.

Fathers, who instruct despite their reputation to be idiots.

Daughters, who dare to be called beautiful.

Sons, who fight to be a positive impact.

Your efforts have gone unnoticed or trampled.

I am here to revive the perspective

And unleash the floodgates.

Not by my strength,

But by the words of God spoken into my heart.

Words of victory and salvation;

Words of hope and peace.

For all that He has given to me,

My life is the least that I can give in return.

My heart belongs to Jesus Christ.

What I do for Him, will bring all to the light.


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