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You Are

The rules haven't changed.

Nothing new has been arranged.

History has repeated time and time again.

We all die because we all sin,

But be encouraged my friends.

Though we've cursed ourselves, there's still hope.

He is talked about in the old book,

But His mercies are new with each sunrise,

So it shouldn't be a surprise

When I say you're the modern Abraham who has just found God.

You've walked in faith for so long,

God has promised your family line a good home.

You are the modern Sarah of old age.

You've had your dreams of a family and a baby.

Be excited for your time is near.

Take the pregnancy test in your late years

And marvel at the work of prayer and faith

That you’ve given to God day by day.

You are the modern David,

The king of youth,

Given great shoes to fill in the near future.

You've waited and waited but your time is coming,

Where people will bow before you and acknowledge your destiny.

You are the modern Paul.

You are the modern Joshua.

You are the modern Ruth.

You are the modern John.

You are the modern testament:

A will to pursue God as you are relentlessly pursued by Him.

Take gladness upon your neck,

For there you will find His breath,

As He embraces you after all you’ve been through.

See all the past things that were meant to keep you down.

But here! Here is the end of the book!

The place where you look back on your life

And see that God has been merciful and a great asset.

Where mountains came against you and you fought them to victory.

You are the reason this book was written.

You are the risen beings elevating to heaven.

Don’t stop now; don’t give in!

Give yourself the pleasure of seeing the end.

God is happy He wrote your story, my friend.

The tale of a champion.

The tale of a win.


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