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You Remade Me

Who made man's mouth?

Who makes him deaf, mute, or seeing, or blind?

Is it not I, the Lord?

Yes, I am the beginning and the end.

I am who was, who is, and who is to come.

After everything I've said and everything I've done,

You'd think that would've been enough.

But no, you find it in your mind to doubt me,

Even after all the lives I've used to speak.

My children spoke on My behalf and you sought Me,

Then, I spoke to you,

Giving you an advantage to your brothers and sisters,

Allowing you to get a glimpse of who you are to Me.

Still you doubt.

Oh ye of little faith.

Even still, you are beautiful.

You are My adopted son, made in My image.

You are one of the multitude;

He who is like Me.

You are worth the bout on the cross and in the grave.

You are worth the ransom I paid.

You are the molecule joining others to compose the body -

The body of My bride

You are My love, My dove, My wife,

My child and My follower.

You are Dario Augustus.

My writer; My imaginative child.

One who has set aside some of his sin to trust Me.

He who gave his life away to glorify My name.

You are the ashes remade.


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