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Only a Moment Until Spring

The flower doesn't bloom until it's ready

But when it blooms the world beholds its beauty

As the glory of its effort shines through the smoke

So many bridges burned just to restore dead yolk

The people understood their mistakes

Removing the flower from its birthplace

Was not only cruel, but masochism

Replanting the flower in bitter soil increased its metabolism

It hungered for the mountain pass

But lingered in the shadows of the overpass

It gazed upon its home wrapped in concrete

It realized it had become obsolete

So it ravaged the land surrounding it

Taking from the crops, turning them into pits

Pits so dry that the bees using it began to die

The sun couldn’t provide enough nourishment from the sky

The grass grew tan, and the plants fell over

The least lucky of them all, was the four leaf clover

With no pollen to make things grow

The field became a famine of sorrow

The people studied and attempted to restore the broken field

But the flower bloomed brightly, gazing through its tears

Its red petals roared like flames

They gave this flower a gruesome name

Yet, it bloomed on, hoping the humans would move along

It grew tired of the sad song; being abused all day long

Feeding was its only focus

Even with its stems on the verge of combustion

There was no water left to satisfy

The flower hung low, prepared to die

But a hand reached down from the sky

A man looked down upon the flower with his little eye

He planted the flower back in its home and restored its life

He took the last seeds and made more flowers for his wife

The flower bloomed brighter than its first day alive

From its roots to its petals it shined

Feeling appreciated once more for its beauty

It continues to bloom right along with its family


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The End


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